Greenhouse Gift Set


Give someone the gift of a garden!
Its all in this pack ready to go: make someone's day and gift them a garden will last longer than a bunch of flowers.
It doesnt have to stop there...they can keep on growing veges, herbs, & more
  • Greenhouse 
  • Yates Seed Raising Mix 6L
  • Yates Festival of Flowers Seed Mix
  • Yates Lettuce Seed Mix
  • Bonus Samon Bio4 Vege Fertiliser
Greenhouse: This mini green house with seed tray, provides a protected, warm environment for seeds, seedlings and cuttings to thrive in. Compact size for growing seeds, seedlings or cuttings. 24 cell tray.
It allows you to regulate the temperature with the help of adjustable air vents for maximum growth. The included drip tray ensures mess free watering, storing it to self water your seedlings when needed.
Yates Seed Raising Mix: Yates Seed Raising quality mix is specially formulated for raising seeds. The mix has added fertiliser to stimulate growth to give your seedlings the best start, suitable for vegetables, flowers and herbs and can also be used for propagation of cuttings. An ideal mix with added fertiliser to boost seedling growth. Ideal for seedling trays. Suitable for vegetables, flowers and herbs.
Festival of Flowers: With this cheerful seed mix it's easy to grow an abundance of colour and fragrance in your garden all year round. Perfect for beginners!
Lettuce Seed: A selection of our most popular lettuce varieties. Includes crisp Cos, tender and tasty Mignonettes, nutty Buttercrunch and leafy Iceberg.  Create your own fresh-picked salad mix whenever you need it.
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